The Knowledge Holder

About the book:

When a swimming pool salesman’s client drops dead during his presentation, he unwittingly becomes the recipient of information only one person on Earth is privy to – the knowledge of what happens to people when they die.


Greg Simon is a regular guy.  A widower with two daughters away at college, his days consist of time spent at the office, evenings of TV and a couple of beers.  His uncomplicated life is rudely interrupted when he begins hearing voices and develops an elevated level of consciousness he can’t comprehend.  His frustration mounts until he realizes he has inherited a unique ability to help others, and makes it his goal to do so.  Nothing is standing in his way – except for a team of FBI agents who specialize in national security issues.  Greg’s newfound knowledge, if unleashed on the public, would give life a new meaning, and change the world forever.

With a self-deprecating sense of humor, and an optimistic eye, Simon does everything an untested hero can to fight off the government and bring comfort to those in need.  If he’s not successful, his battle will have to be waged by his successor – the next Knowledge Holder.

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Second Wind Publishing


What readers are saying:

“This book is unusual, entertaining and thought provoking. The author has a very readable style of writing and is adept at humor, suspense and descriptive writing.”

“Unique and surprising storyline!”

“An interesting premise, well-executed and full of plot twists and turns, this one will keep you interested for the duration.”

“A very interesting and well developed unique story. The book is an easy read with many twists and turns.”

“Thought provoking is the first thing that comes to mind. It is an easy, quick read. The book was spiked with bits of humor throughout.”

“The characters are really well described and it’s easy to identify with them.”

“I do know what I like in something I read. If I am not hooked in the first couple of pages, the book is a goner. Frankly, I was drawn in with the first sentence. Just because it stated the usual so unusually, it tapped my interest right away.”

Read on for an excerpt:

Sometimes life is easy.  Sometimes it takes some work.  I suppose most of my life to this point had been the former.  Aside from losing Jane, things always seemed to go pretty well for me.  Maybe the tides had finally shifted, and the soft hand of fairness was now making its bid at this unbalanced life of mine.  It wasn’t enough to string a few bad days together to spoil this equilibrium.  I could handle a financial disaster or family crisis much easier than the impalpable mess that was my life. 

Sitting quietly in my dimly lit house, I tried once again to piece things together.  It was becoming more and more obvious that someone wasn’t going to knock on my door and explain everything to me. 

There was still some connection between Mary’s death and my life. There had to be.   Jenny might have confused things even more.  Her sister’s life was impacted to a certain extent by my wife’s death.  Now my life was impacted by her sister’s death.  Could Mary have been going through what I am now?  Was she going to tell Jenny all about it, then remembered she had to “keep it to herself?”  Did some stranger walk up to her car, give her this advice, and then disappear?  That’s what the man told me: “keep it to yourself.”  I couldn’t forget that.  But how would I know he meant for me to keep my mouth shut about the weirdness I was experiencing.  And why would he care?  I’m not sure that’s what he meant.  It made no sense, not like any of this did.

And what of the voices I heard?  They were directing me as well, these disembodied counselors.  The voices had sounded like Jane’s, but I don’t know.  It could be that I’ve wanted to hear her voice for so long, that I twisted it to be hers.  I do remember the words, though, and at this point I would heed their advice, if only I understood their meaning.