The Weight of the Moon

About the book:

A pretentious, self-important couple is about to face the darkest day of their lives, courtesy of a flamboyant, well-upholstered opera luminary. When their best friends’ clandestine adult-film star daughter schemes to come to their rescue, a bizarre, enlightening, and humorous journey unfolds.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00017]

Evelyn and Sidney Banks are accustomed to the best of everything. They never want for anything material, but yearn for and struggle with the things they could so easily give each other – love and trust. When their closest friends suffer a most unique and untimely demise, the Banks are forced to re-evaluate their shallow, unwavering lives. An unlikely counselor arrives who brings not only her indefatigable sex drive and joie de vivre to the sad sacks, but a common sense that Evelyn and Sidney struggle to embrace.

With calloused veneers serving as shields and personal agendas as weapons, the three winner-award-october14disparate personalities face-off in a compelling and comical battle. Will their faith in one another be enough to uncoil their deceitful pasts and free them from the weight of the moon?


To buy the book:


Second Wind Publishing



Read on for an excerpt:

“Okay,” Lily started. “Evelyn, you know that potpourri you were curious about? Well, I found it in a closet at my parent’s house. And you know what? It’s not potpourri! Do you know what it is?” Lily now had the Banks’ undivided attention and was milking the moment.

“Tell us, tell us!” Evelyn begged.

Sidney swallowed a copious amount of wine with one gulp, hoping this was going to be good.

“Inside that box, which, I want to remind you, belonged to Iris and George, is a giant stash of weed!”

“Oh dear, oh dear,” Evelyn muttered. “Iris and George saved weeds? That is absurd! Sidney, you don’t collect such things, tell me you don’t.” With that, Evelyn started laughing, as she found the whole concept ridiculous.

“Sweetheart,” Sidney interrupted, “I don’t believe Lily’s referring to the sort of weeds that you have in your mind—right, Lily?” Sidney was laughing too, because he did understand what Lily said, and he found this tidbit quite delicious.

“You’re funny Evelyn!” Lily chirped. “You knew what I meant—you have quite the sense of humor!”

“Actually Lily, she has no idea what you meant,” Sidney said, continuing to chortle. “I think you need to be a bit more specific!”

“Oh my goodness,” Lily announced, “Evelyn, you know I’m talking about marijuana, right? You know—pot?”

“Of course I do dear,” Evelyn replied, still laughing. “Everybody knows that!”

“She still has no idea what you’re talking about, Lily,” Sidney said, directing his comment to the young lady.

Lily thought this was damn funny and left the table to fetch the Hanover’s hatbox. When she returned, she opened the box and set it in front of Evelyn. Sidney informed Lily that the display was irrelevant, as Evelyn had no idea what she was looking at. Sidney however asked if he could take a look, as he was finding this whole revelation about his friends to be quite entertaining.

“Pretty nice, huh?” Lily asked Sidney as he pawed through the greenery.

“Yes, of course!” Sidney answered, not really having any idea if he was touching high-end marijuana, or lawn clippings. He remembered from his college days something called Acapulco Gold. He had never smoked pot, but this was a term he frequently heard in reference to a quality buzz. The tight green buds he now examined shimmered with a dusting of gold, and he thought maybe this was the stuff deified by his university brethren so many years earlier.



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